Sunday, March 24, 2013

Run, Run, Run

Earlier today I was sitting in front of my computer, when I heard a light splashing sound coming from outside.  I looked out over the back of the yacht, and I saw two amazing little lizards playing the water.

These amazing little lizards!

Ah yes, the Basiliscus! Commonly known as the Jesus Lizard due to it's remarkable ability to run on water. I didn't realize that these guys were native to Central America (I never really thought about it period), so you can imagine my surprise seeing them in the flesh. I went out to get a closer look at them, but as soon as they saw me they dashed across the water and into the jungle. Next time my little reptilian friends, next time.


  1. Cute lizards. We saw some really cute ones in Cuba when we were on vacation, too.

    I hope that you, your family and dogs are all fine with the recent earthquake activity in the area (I don't know how close it was to your location, but hopefully it didn't cause any damage?)