Friday, May 24, 2013

Tenosique & Villahermosa

We left Rio Dulce at around 9am, and it took us six hours to navigate the ridiculously subpar road to the Mexican border at El Ceibo. Leaving Guatemala was no problem, their technology is slow and inefficient, but capable enough. Mexico on the other hand was a little problematic.

Getting our passports stamped was no problem. However the truck was an issue. One of Mexico's little quirks is that anyone who brings a car into the country has to have it registered in the country. Presumably this is to make sure that the vehicles are legitimate, but I don't know for sure. Anyway, the guy in charge of registries decided to leave early, and so we were told to go to the nearest town, and come back tomorrow. With no choice in the matter, we left the border and headed to the Mexican town of Tenosique.

At Tenosique, we navigated the poorly laid out streets. There are no streets and avenues here, there are only numbered streets. After some difficulty, we found hotel La Roca, an old hotel which spends their entire budget on advertising and little else. When we approached the owner, we explained to him that we wanted two rooms, but we needed to have the dogs with us. He didn't seem to keen on that, but the notion of having $100 American was too good to pass up and he allowed us in.

I won't look a gift horse in the mouth, but I will say that they should change their name to La Roacha. The place was underwhelming, but they let us stay there, so I can give them a break.

The next morning we returned to the border bright and early. We were so early, the man in charge of registries wasn't even ready yet. After a half hour, we were on our way again.

But not quite. Most insurance companies do not include coverage for Mexico. So we went to town looking for some. Long story short, we didn't get any. So with that, we finally left Tenosique, and headed for Villahermosa. When we arrived at Villahermosa, we headed for the airport Hilton Hotel. The Hilton in Villahermosa is one of the few hotels in the country which does allow dogs. The hotel was nice, and a strange quirk was that the toilet uses a high pressure chamber to operate.What an odd contraption. I had a salmon meal for supper, it was wonderful, but it needed more potatoes.

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