Wednesday, June 26, 2013

To America

We woke up before the sun was rising and relieved Dad from his slumber in the truck. He took a shower in the hotel room, while we got the dogs ready for the trip ahead. No matter what lay ahead, I was resolved to reaching America this very day.

The drive was actually very pleasant. The road was virtual deserted by the time we had left Ciudad Valles, and the road curved through the gentle rolling hills. Somewhere along the way, we came across a donkey grazing in the middle of the road. I hope he was returned to his field without incident, he was so nice looking. Along the way ran into a checkpoint, but this one was different as these guys were equipped with an X-Ray scanner.

Later on we arrived at the modern city of Ciudad Victoria, and we were only a couple hours from the border. The highway after Victoria is actually pretty good, you can tell that this is a major artery for shipping in Mexico, as the road was packed with trucks heading to and coming from Texas. We had one last military checkpoint, and this was a big one. However when the soldiers saw the hounds they let us go on our way and we were at Reynosa, the border town.

The Reynosa we saw that day was very different from a year ago. Last year we traveled through really poor areas, but today it was like any other modern city. Funny how different routes work. After ten minutes and passing a circus with all sorts of exotic animals, we were at the border. On the Mexican side, the army gave us one last check, and waved us off to America.

We approached the American border and were prepared to face an onslaught of questions about our travels. I still can't believe how it went down...

"Hi, welcome to America. What is your business in America."

"We're traveling back to Canada from our boat."

"Cool, have a safe trip."

It was that easy? Who would have imagined so? With our freedom secure, we entered Texas, and stopped at the La Quinta hotel we stayed at a year before.

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