Saturday, February 2, 2013

Difference in Menu

When I was in the city, I stopped at a Burger King to have my first fast food since July. The store itself was no different from any other BK back home, but one thing I did find amusing was that almost everyone there was wearing a suit of some kind. I never realized that the King demanded such finesse.

Anyway, the big difference that I noticed was that the menu was way more basic compared to back home. Most of the newer stuff like the Angry Whopper wasn't there. Speaking of whoppers, they only sold the basic one patty version. I guess that is good since it's better for you, but it is still weird to see fast food restaurant showing such restraint.


  1. Burger King is my favourate restaurant, i like the fish burger there.

    1. You know, I was actually never a huge a fan of BK. And strangely enough, after not having any fastfood for so long, I don't really care for it anymore.