Monday, October 15, 2012

13 hours...

This is a record of the 13 wasted hours I spent today. Prepare to be very disappointed.

04:15 *Bang Bang* "What?" "Time to go!" "Already?"

04:33 *Bang Bang* "Are you ready?" "Almost..."

04:44 In the truck, driving towards the border town of El Ceibo. This is going to be very fun.

05: 14 "Oh crap, the road is gone!" Literally, there is a chunk of road missing and you need to avoid it by driving through a ditch.

05: 41 The sun is starting to rise. I love the look of the sky when the light blues starting peeking over the treeline.

06:54 Stopped at a checkpoint outside of San Luis, the guy isn't checking for weapons or drugs, but highly dangerous fruits and vegetables. Luckily we have neither.

07:42 Passed through the city of Penet, it has it's airport right in the line of the highway, so people have to do a large semicircle around it.

08:36 We are pretty close to El Ciebo now, unfortunately there are small towns a few kilometers apart, so even a short distance takes a very long time to cross.

09:15 In some nameless village. A group of about 10 piglets are playing in the road. They better move or they'll be bacon soon.

10:08 A military checkpoint just outside of El Ceibo. I gotta say, the soldiers in this country are extremely polite, and we're on our way in about a minute.

10:16 We arrive at El Ciebo, I remember this place quite well, this is gonna be good.

11:04 Dad comes out of the import office, he looks furious. At least we have our passports renewed for 3 months.

11:11 It turns out that the guy in the import office was having a power trip. There was another guy who was going to extend the visa for our truck, but this other asshole wasn't going to take it. We rudely made us leave, and even called in an armed guard to make his point. I will not forgive or forget this.

12: 29 Driving down the highway, a large snake was crossing the road ahead of us. Was is the key, it's dead now.

13:09 Back in that town with the piglets, they are all sleeping together on the side of the road in a tarp. How cute.

13:56 We get pulled over by a large jolly soldier who is confused about why we have only one license plate. He quickly understands that Alberta uses only one, and we are on our way again.

17:10 Nothing really happened for the past few hours, but now we arrived back at the garage. The dogs are extremely happy to touch grass, and quickly relieve themselves. The local dog Gateau is happy to see me as always. I think no one else pays attention to him...

17: 30 I pet Gateau for almost the entire time, but we are now ready to return to the yacht.

Well, that's my wasted day, a day that served no purpose except giving me a face for my frustrations with this place. Well, some people do say that it's great to have worthy enemies. Perhaps there is some truth to that?


  1. Piglets! Piglets! Cute!

    That really sucks that the import office was a bad experience... oh how I hate paperwork, or basically anything that involves offices.

    Gateau is a cute name for a dog. You should post a picture of him (her?) if you get the chance

  2. Aww that sounds like a fun trip! Did the dogs notice the piglets? And if its no annoying doing that trip maybe you should move back before the next three months are up lol.