Wednesday, October 3, 2012


So, tonight brought about the first debate for the presidential election in the United States, and while I'm not an American, it will effect all of us so I decided to listen in.

For the last few months, Republican Mitt Romney seemed to be taking a severe beating from President Obama, but I was surprised by Romney's performance tonight. I should first disclose that I listened to the debate, but I didn't have a video feed to watch their body language and what-not.

In my view, Romney had complete control of the entire debate. He was confident and cool, even when he didn't really make sense. Really, everyone seemed to think that Romney was going to be a second John Kerry, but today he had charisma and dignity. Today was make it or break it for Romney, and I feel confident in saying that he did indeed make it.

I don't know what happened to Obama, but today he just was not there. Perhaps being emperor for four years dulled his combat skills, but who knows? I used to think that this race was already decided, but perhaps Romney gave himself the jump start he needed...

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  1. Indeed, i do not understand politics. I agree that Obama is a good husband and a good father. But, Romney looks like understand Business.
    Everyone in U.S like fhe time Mr. Clinton was the president. There were lots of job oppotunities and everything was cheap.People were happy at that time.