Friday, October 5, 2012

Good Eats

Today was my birthday, so we had to have something special that we don't have every other day. Being in Rio Dulce, we don't have all that much period, so having something special has to be something not too complicated. It's not like lobster we have every other week for a couple of bucks. So after thinking about it, I decided I wanted hamburgers, but with the twist of having homemade BBQ sauce and my moms corn fritters.

For those of you who haven't had my moms corn fritters, imagine something like an apple fritter from Tim Hortons, but smaller and no glaze on the outside. Replace the apple with corn, and you've basically got the same thing. Yet describing it alone isn't good enough, you really have to have one right out of the pot to appreciate it.

The sauce is my moms original recipe, we usually put it on ribs, but I love it on virtually everything. Potatos, fritters, beef, ribs, corn, you name it, it works perfectly. The best thing about the sauce however, is that it virtually lasts forever. It's mostly ketchup and vinegar, so it's good from now until the end of time. Taste wise it's kind of tangy, not the dark and bold type of sauce from Bullseye.

Finally, lets talk about the cake. The cake was a heavy chocolate/caramel cake, with only the caramel being on the very top of the cake like icing. It wasn't too sweet which is good, but the cake was incredibly dense. You know how cakes in Canada are light and full of air? Well this one was very dense, and was virtually air free. I could just barely finish it, but my dad could not take the challenge.

All in all, today was pretty good. I love homemade food, and the cake was actually pretty good. If only the other places here could make things like this...