Thursday, December 6, 2012


We were in town getting some food, as we didn't want to cook anything. We went to some pizza place we never heard of before, but it had a good name, so why not? It's name, Pizzeria. That's it, so we headed on in.  I swear that the building was about the size of a bathroom. All it is was an oven (same as any kitchen oven you have), a fridge, and some chairs. Despite that, it was probably the best pizza I've had since coming here. Good crust, not overly greasy, but still lacking sauce.

After our order was finished, we returned to our boat, and headed for the yacht. At this time, the sun had already set and we had to make the short trip in darkness. The pizzeria is located on a minor stream located off the main river, and it's covered with thick foliage. As you can imagine, without even the stars and the moon, it became even darker. There is one part of the stream where lily pads block half of the navigable river, and the trees thin out. In this area, I saw some bright white lights, and I figured they must be boats on the other side.

Oh no, they aren't boats at all. What they were was a whole bunch of fireflies living in the lily pads. I've seen fireflies before, but never with this colour. These guys were a bright white light almost like an LED. I had no idea that they could glow like that.

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  1. I am honestly depressed you aren't filming your experience, it would have made such an awesome watch