Sunday, December 9, 2012

Tis the Season

Like in the north, people down here are fully in the Christmas spirit. However, down here there is a hidden ugliness which goes with the season that I learned of today.

For all of December, Hugo, the guardian of this marina sleeps in an exposed hut every night. The reason for this is that thieves are very active this time of year, looking for gifts to steal. Last night at around eleven thirty, I heard three quick bangs. This was Hugo, firing his shotgun into the air to scare away people who were coming too close to shore. Wow, what next? Pirates? Oh, wait, I already saw those...

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  1. Have you bought a shortgun with you now?
    You cannot imagine that i used to be the shooting playground long time ago. It was a summer time, the weather was so hot, so the firm organized employees went to the deep mountain. That was an old army camp, it was so quiet and empty.The captain gave me five bullets and let me to count them making sure it was five. What i said to the guy, "you do not need to give me five, one or two are enough to me". Under his help, i opened fire, i was not scared just felt the gun was very heavy and as i triger the fire, i was hit by the backforce of the bottom of the gun, even i thought that my shoulder was broken.