Monday, November 26, 2012

BBQ Bird

A week or so ago, we bought a frozen chicken from the grocery store, and today we finally cooked it. Unlike in the north, you can't just put your bird in a bag and leave it til it's done. Down here, we also can't leave the oven on for hours, or else the place will get too hot. So what do we do?

First off we cook this bird on the BBQ. To make sure it doesn't dry out, we put a half full can of beer inside the bird, and turn on the burner the bird is NOT sitting on. It's important not to disturb it for about an hour and a half, so no peeking.

Here it is with some Thyme and a home made sauce.

After three hours it was ready. And believe me, it tastes even better than it looks.

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  1. I hope i can share this BBQ chicken; the golden colour, cooked three hours, amazing.