Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Today was kind of a special day, my parents went on excursion to some ruins a little ways from here. Hm? I didn't go on this trip? Quite correct, while they went exploring, I remained on the boat and looked after the dogs. It turns out that there was actually a lot of hype for this event, as the ruins are trying to cash in on the 2012 doom craze. Let's decipher these photos together.

 Their xylophone skills won't save them from the end. (Though it will help lighten the mood!)

 Some kind of ancient tablet we'll never know the true meaning of. 

 One hell of a tree.

 It is time for fires to keep us warm in winter.

 Some funky design.

  Someone was here. (Who?)

More funky designs. 

Is that a face? 

 Some rocks...

 A tiny pyramid?

The same structure. 

Dat moss! 

Lot's of money was made today.

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