Thursday, November 1, 2012

What goes bump in the night

Last night we woke to a most mysterious event. At around 2a.m. Sonic was at the back doors, and he was going mad barking at something. I had no idea what if anything was there, perhaps something fled before we got to the door. I don't know what my dad was thinking, but he figured he should let the dog out so that he could do his business.

Big mistake.

As soon as the door creaked open, Sonic was gone like a bullet. He raced down the dock, and dived into the jungle. Just like that, he was gone.

Well, gone for about an hour that is. I have no idea where he went or what he did, but for that hour he was alone in dark depths of the Guatemalan jungle. He soon came back as if nothing happened at all, and we went back to sleep.

"I cause trouble, but am cute enough to get away with it!"