Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fruits and Veggies

After about a week or so, we begin to run out of all the produce, we consume a lot here, and the stuff will go bad rather quickly. So once again, we trekked into town, and got a few bags full of produce, and returned to the boat. Remember earlier how I was ranting about chicken being expensive? Well it is, but produce on the other hand, is very affordable.

How much do you think the below cost? (There was a little more not shown in the pic.)

Well I'll tell you. All of this plus a little more came to about $4.50 Canadian. Not bad for everything you see there. Beats Safeway prices at least...

And for a bonus, here's a picture of Sonic being silly. But I suppose that's not something unusual, ha ha.



  1. I WISH produce was that cheap here.

    Give Sonic a kiss for me :D

    1. Egad! One pic of Sonic and you want me to kiss him, a full post about Lola and you ignore it? Shame one you!

  2. A full post about Lola? Maybe I missed it >.< I've been reading your blog, but kinda scattered, like I scroll through and read the ones that are new or sound interesting :D I think I would read more if I didn't have to click the entries individially