Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Promised

Here it was after failure to acquire the promised sustenance, we once again had our chance to claim victory. Wanting no mistakes this time, my parents left much earlier than normal time to get this promised stuff. This stuff of course was the jambalaya from Vista Rio that my dad wanted to buy a little over a week ago. Pressured my public demand, Vista Rio made another batch of jambalaya, and my dad would not allow himself to miss it once again. He left a little bit before 3, and returned a little while later with five orders of the stuff.

My verdict.

Honestly I was kind of disappointed. They used a lot of good ingredients, but the flavour was kind of bland, it had no real zing to it. Perhaps the people of Louisiana like it that way, but not me. I love Vista Rio, but this was easily the worst thing we've had from them.

It also came with homemade bread, it wasn't bad, but I prefer my own bread, Amish or sunshine styled.

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