Tuesday, September 11, 2012


For the past two days, we've been having a huge fillet of robalo fish (also known as snook) for supper. The robalo fish is native to the waters from the south eastern US, all the way down to Brazil, so it's eaten fairly commonly. We were told that robalo was one the best tasting fish there is, so we naturally bought some. After sitting in our freezer for a few weeks, we finally took it up and cooked it up yesterday.

What a cute little guy! 

What came afterwards, was chunks of white fish meat which were battered and fried on the stove. The taste was rather... disappointing. It really didn't taste like anything at all, it was just generic white fish. In fact, I would say that a "mystery fish stick" has more flavour than this thing. It's really sad actually.

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  1. How i like to eat this sea fish, i will steam this guy and then add some source on the surface of the body and light a candle sitting in the boat to enjoy this guy.