Sunday, September 2, 2012

But they won't drown...

Yesterday I was getting ready to go to bed, and went to my bathroom. I hate using the bathroom on this boat, there is no ventilation, so it's hot like an oven. You can walk in perfectly normal, but when you come out you'll be drenched in sweat. When I say drenched, I mean covered in the stuff where your clothes end up soaked. It's that unbelievably hot.

So as I was in the washroom, I was about to reach for tootbrush, when I saw some weird brown thing on it. I took a step back thinking maybe it's a spider, then I realized that the body shape was all wrong. Once again, I have to deal with a cockroach...

I filled the sink with water, and threw my toothbrush in as a measure to drown my pesky invader. To my disappointment, this cockroach was actually a really good swimmer and began swimming around my sink. Undeterred, I drained the sink, and the slippery surface prevented the cockroach from being able to climb out. Using a special formula, I sprayed the roach, which left it temporarily stunned, giving me an opportunity to crush with a large piece of wood.

A little while later, I was throwing out some stuff into the garbage, and another roach came scurrying out. I stunned it with the formula and crushed it just like it's brethren and then disposed of it's remains. I hate roaches, they serve no useful purpose in this world.  Spiders can at least eat flies and mosquitoes, but roaches only spread disease. Waste of a life form. 

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