Sunday, August 19, 2012


Now I know a lot of you guys are quite familiar with the comedy stylings of Dave Chappelle, and I want to start this post with some of his wisdom.

Yes, chicken truly is the universal food stuff among mankind. No matter where you are in the world, whether it's Canada, China, Guatemala, or France; people love their chicken. There's no secret behind it either, it has a good neutral flavor, it's light, and it goes well with pretty much anything. I also love chicken, I don't think it's as good as beef, but I would eat it any day instead of ham.

The one thing I hate about chicken, is how they make them over here. In Canada, when you buy a roasted chicken they've put some herbs and spices on it, and then they throw it in the rotisserie. Over here, they add an extra step. They take the chicken and they bathe it in chicken stock prior to cooking. Do you have any idea how salty that makes this chicken?

I'm Canadian I know and love salt, but this is way too much. Also, can someone tell me how much a roasted chicken goes for these days? Over here one chicken comes to about $7 CDN, I think back home they are about $10.

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  1. Interesting vedio. You can mix a chicken with one tea spoon salt, the chichen will taste salty.
    The roasted chicken is around $9 depends on which store you buy. For Supperstore, it is $7.99. Save on food is $11.