Saturday, August 18, 2012

One Nasty Storm

I didn't update yesterday because a storm once again knocked out our internet, and our land power. The land power wasn't a big problem because we can always run the on board generators to restore power, even if it does use our fuel. However this storm was like no other storm we've experienced here in Guatemala.

This thing, was the remnants of a tropical storm. In this case, it would be Tropical Storm Helene which is now dissipating over Tampico, Mexico as I write this. Living in land locked Alberta, I never experienced something like this, and even as this was just the remains I can't really claim to have experienced such a storm.

Trajectory of Helene

What we got was massive. I've said before how it's normal for there to be rain and lightning, but last night  was different. The key difference being the amazing wind strengths. The winds were unreal, they were blowing so ferociously through the boat, it reminded me of when I was on top of foothills near Lethbridge in February. As I went to close the port side door, I got completely drenched without ever setting a foot outside.

It lasted for no more than half an hour, but it was kind of fun while it was there. Just let's not get any serious storms please.

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  1. I love raining, but i do like Tropical storm. I used to experienced a powerful wind with grad 10, I almost could not move.