Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Expanding Mind

Once again, my parents have gone to Panama, and I'm left babysitting the three dogs. Since there is nothing really to do, I spent the day reading about things of various interest, finally reaching a climax only a short while ago. I began first by reading about the great novel, Phantom of the Opera. The truth is, as I was trying to go to sleep last night, I had the main theme of Phantom playing in my head non-stop. Therefore, it was only logical that read up about this literary masterwork.

Did you know that when it was released, the public actually didn't like the book? I was quite amazed by that fact, as it wasn't until a silent film based on Phantom was released in 1925, that it caught on with the masses. Yet really, you can't talk Phantom without mentioning Andrew Lloyd Webbers, fantastic score. Truly it captures the grand style of the period of opera, while also creating a piece which sets the bar for all musicals to come. If only he didn't waste his time working on that abomination Cats...

Webber's Phantom theme is so good, watch as this talking cartoon cat sings the Phantom's part with elegance and pride.

Isn't culture a wonderful thing?

Well, I think that's enough magic for tonight. Tomorrow, I shall go into detail about my further studies.

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