Friday, August 24, 2012


There was an unusual occurrence here today, something I've never seen before in my life anywhere. Apparently this thing happens quite frequently, but it's the first time I've seen it, so I was kind of freaked out by it.

What I saw, was a series of islands floating down the river. I know that sounds crazy, but it's exactly what they were, huge chunks of land that broke off, but are light enough to float on the water. All the life forms on the land naturally stays alive as it moves down river, so it's very dangerous to go on it. Besides the fact that your boat will get stuck, all the native snakes and spiders aren't gonna be very happy to see you.

My dad's good friend Steve explained to him that whenever there's a lot of rain, the land erodes and breaks off as it did today. That in itself is not surprising, but I had no idea that it would float away like that. Imagine waking up, and seeing a piece of land that you are pretty sure was never there before. Then as you watch it, you notice that it's slowly moving and blocking the center of the river.

Ok, there was one, must have just been a freak incident.

Oh, now there's two...

And here comes a third one...

Well that was my day, how was yours? Also, the answer to the mysterious fruit will come soon.

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  1. You got lots of different experience.
    I heard about mystic triangle Bermuda and Panama long time ago, but i do not know where they are. I learned that lots of ships and airplanes droped into Atlantic as they departed from Panama or Cuba to Florida. Scientist discovered that there is a huge gully on the bottom of the ocean from Mexico Gulf to Atlantic and generate huge preasure cause some ships sunk into the ocean, but i am still confuse about what the reason cause some planes lost control.
    Anyhow, i know the location where Bermuda is.